Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Day Radiohead Rocked

I can confirm that Radiohead is still the biggest, best and most important band in the world right now. They kind of remind me of Undisputed Heavyweights that way. That whole undefeated thing. They played a bunch of new songs and they were mostly amazing. My current new favorite is 15 Step. Can't wait for this album.

Amazing pictures via SlothsAreFunny's flickr. Setlist via StereoGum

01. "You And Whose Army"
02. "The National Anthem"
03. "2+2=5"
04. "15 Step"
05. "Morning Bell"
06. "Arpeggi"
07. "Videotape"
08. "Kid A"
09. "Fake Plastic Trees"
10. "Climbing Up The Walls"
11. "Nude"
12. "Bangers 'n Mash"
13. "Idioteque"
14. "There There"
15. "Street Spirit"
16. "Bodysnatchers"
17. "Lucky"

Encore 1
18. "I Might Be Wrong"
19. "Down Is The New Up"
20. "The Bends"
21. "Silent Night" > "Everything In Its Right Place"

Encore 2
22. "House of Cards"
23. "How to Disappear Completely"

Download of the Day
Some of the new songs, recorded at the recent Boston show. Via MusicIsArt.
Radiohead - 15 Step (live) (MP3)
Radiohead - Arpeggi (MP3)
Radiohead - Videotape (MP3)
Radiohead - House Of Cards (MP3)
Radiohead - Bangers & Mash (MP3)
Radiohead - Bodysmashers (MP3)
Radiohead - 4 Minute Warning (MP3)
Radiohead - Dollars and Cents (MP3)
Radiohead - Spooks (MP3)

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Blogger music is art said...

radiohead really is the best

thanks so much for the mention...

Blogger Wes said...

musicisart> thanks for the awesome recordings :)

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