Thursday, July 16, 2009

SDSU Retirement

My love for Hip Hop is not dead. However, life has taken me in different directions professionally and lead me to effectively retire from Hip Hop blogging. I should've put this post up 9 months ago as the official tombstone, and here it finally is. I had a lot of good times on this blog. Many thanks go out to all the readers and fellow bloggers in Hip Hop for linking and building with me, including Rafi, Eskay, DP, Metal Lungies crew, Henry, ItsTheReal, Enigmatik, FDB, Ian, L Boogie and everyone else. Also many thanks to all the mainstream publications that linked and drove traffic including Entertainment Weekly, VH1, MTV, Rolling Stone, USA Today, New York Magazine, Vibe (RIP), XXL, Blender (RIP), CMJ, Sirius Radio, NME, Harp (RIP), Paste (RIP), Spin, Gothamist and countless others.

The Future
I'd love for you to check out what I'm up to these days:
-, where I chronicle my adventures in the world of artist management, record label management, and music production.
- Family Records, the artist development and management firm I started, also has label capabilities and tons of free music.
- Engine Room Recordings, a record label I am the Head of Strategy and A&R for.

SitDownStandUp Highlights
Here's some personal favorites off the top of the head for you to check out:
- In The Studio With Redman (Video)
- Nas Gets Audience Member On Stage @ Roseland Ballroom
- Rock The Bells 2007 (Photos)
- Ludacris/Jadakiss/Fabolous/etc. @ Roseland Ballroom (Photos)
- Clipse Live @ Columbia University

Drop me a line at wesley [at] liberatedmatter [dotttt] com if you'd to know more about my current adventures!

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