Friday, March 30, 2007

On Online Luck/Unluck

DOWNLOAD Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (MP3) Via KnK
DOWNLOAD Bjork - Hyperballad (MP3) Via Julio
DOWNLOAD Thelonious Monk - Evidence (MP3) Via Moistworks

In my excitement about getting a ticket to one of the NYC Arcade Fire shows this morning (after missing out last time), I completely forgot about the show I wanted tickets to more than even Arcade Fire: Bjork :(

Also I lost my second ebay auction trying to get one of these Time Magazines from 1964 with my man Thelonious Monk on the cover. Miraculously two appeared on ebay and I lost the first one because I held out and forgot to bid, and the second one I lost on one dollar in the last few seconds. :(

If ANYONE ever sees one of these ANYWHERE let me know. There's a special spot on my wall for this one.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who Has More Fire Right Now?

Im gonna go with: absolutely no one.

Via NahRight.


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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Day I Saw White Rabbits

DOWNLOAD The Plot (MP3) (Via Underrated Magazine)

It's not Hip Hop I'm reporting on, but it is groovy nonetheless. I'd been hearing about the White Rabbits a lot lately. I saw them at a Gothamist Moveable Hype show which was decent, and then at SXSW, so did SomeVelvetBlog, which was good, and then last night at Bowery Ballroom they were quite fantastic. Nice growth pattern the boys have going. More photos on my flickr page.

More photos on my flickr page

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