Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Day I Shared

Since everybody seems to sharing their summer mixtape, and I don't really like summer in NYC very much, I figured it'd be better for me to compile a winter mixtape of songs that put me more in that latter half of the year kinda vibe. I wanted to keep it to local NYC artist only but then Denver, France and Norway snuck their way in as well. Fellow Undisputed Heavyweights members Casey Shea and Jeff Jacobson are preparing for their solo releases later this year and there's a little taster for both of those albums in here as well.

The Winter Wonderland Mixtape

01. Casey Shea - The River Still (MP3)
02. Dirty Virginia - Lonely (MP3)
03. Ian Thomas - Poor Children (live) (MP3)
04. Cameron Hull - Sweet Misery (MP3)
05. Kings of Convenience - What I Can Save You From (MP3)
06. Jeff Jacobson - Let You Down (demo) (MP3)
07. Paula Valstein - La La Song (MP3)
08. Phoenix - Long Distance Call (live) (MP3)
09. Nada Surf - In The Mirror (MP3)
10. Devotchka - How It Ends (MP3)

KoC song via ShakeYourFist.
Phoenix song via RBally

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Anonymous Jeff said...

Well, it is indeed an honor to be among those on the Winter Wonderland Mixtape (word is the kids are all calling it the WWM), though I can't really agree with track 1. I mean the song is great, it's the artist I have a problem with.

Blogger Tina* said...

oooh at first I didn't look at this too closely and I failed to notice your Kings of Convenience track! Also my fave song of theirs... in fact I have that song on my site as well in an old post . Have you heard the Royksopp remix? It is fantastic!

Blogger Wes said...

i have not yet!

Blogger Tina* said...

sounds like someone needs an I.R. produced mix cd...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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