Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bald Bald Big Big Sing!

DOWNLOAD Les Savy Fav - Pill (MP3) via IndieChristoph

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Music + Good Cause = Happiness.

In partnership with Solar One BrooklynVegan.com, a blog I am the hip hop writer for, is putting on Citysol, a “clean-energy, interactive art and music festival on the East River” . It will be invading New York City July 12 through 15, and it will be free. Bands include Menomena, Les Savy Fav, Budos Band, Land of Talk, and O’Death. I'm particularly excited to see Les Savy Fav again.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

After The Jump

*After The Jump* - Coming Soon!

august twenty-fifth, two thousand and seven
line-up to be announced shortly
curated by the people behind:

themusicslut . batteringroom . disconap . earfarm . ryspace . irockiroll . musicsnobbery . merryswankster . softcommunication . theunderratedblog . sitdownstandup . watercoolergossip . bumpershine . themodernage . productshopnyc . yetidontdance . slapyouinpublic . subinev . punkphoto . fingeronthepulse . poptartssucktoasted . stereoactivenyc

for more information, please email:
booking: booking@afterthejumpfest.com
charity: charity@afterthejumpfest.com
sponsors: sponsors@afterthejumpfest.com
publicity: publicity@afterthejumpfest.com

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