Friday, June 09, 2006

The Day Before Sin-E

It makes no difference to me what happens outside. I will stay in and listen to the rain lead the way percussively in between the steady bass drum that is the pulse of Brooklyn. I play my travel scrabble set with letters that lock in and words that resonate. I had my reservations when at first my opponent knocked over the board in anger, but as the dust settled the letters were still in place. Old photographs of family tell a thousand stories much like the cuts in the table beneath and my grandmother's writing along the edge of the paper that holds the photographs.

#4 Bjork - All Is Full Of Love (Chris Cunningham)

Watch the Making Of.

The Queen Is Dead was released 20 years ago. How crazy is that? Listen below on how it's still great and relevant.

Download of the Day
The Smiths - Frankly Mr Shankly (MP3) via IGuessImFloating
The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again (MP3) via AndiMania
The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (MP3) via HelloGina
The Smiths - Vicar In A Tutu (MP3) via MarathonPacks

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is percussively even a word, you crazy dutch?

Blogger Wes said...

well it is now!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree you better stick with musing about hip hop.

Anonymous Amrit said...

Man, that's insane. I totally delayed going out Friday night to watch "The Smiths: A Critical Analysis," this DVD some promo company sent me celebrating the band through interviews with music journos, producers, etc.

I've been so energized about the band recently.

Must be some weird cosmic synchronicity or something!

Blogger Wes said...

wow, that sounds like a great dvd to watch! i've been all over youtube watching little videos here and there. lots of material out there

synchronicity, i wish i would be able to make that word in scrabble sometime :p


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