Monday, June 12, 2006

The Day After Sunday

Saturday I walked around and saw a bunch of bands perform. They included.

The Picture played at the SESAC BBQ event at Union Pool in Brooklyn and did a great job. I had so far only seen them play acoustic and this full band version was a welcome change up. Indie rock that sounds like they live in Brooklyn. They're doing well in the UK and Brooklyn I hear and maybe a few other cities also. Download below.

Dawn Landes played the fabulous Joe's Pub in the late afternoon and this was the first time I got to see her perform. It was a really nice show in which memorable rockout moments (with just her acoustic guitar and a drummer) were juxtaposed with delicate softer folk moments. She has opened for Jose Gonzalez before and having seen both I can definitely tell why that would be a good combination. Great stuff. Download below.

Next up was Chris Garneau who was just a little too Regina Spektor for me to be honest. He let his real voice out for a song or two in the beginning and though I didn't like the songs much I was impressed with his range and beautiful voice. After that however he went into Regina mode and was so affected in his singing and lyrics that it was no longer enjoyable for me.

Next up was the Mercury Lounge where I went to see Van Davis and The Voyces. Jon, bass player in Van Davis, was amazing. Really blew me away with some of the solos and grooves. The Voyces were fun as always with a huge catalogue of great songs.

Download of the Day
The Picture - Patterns (MP3)
Dawn Landes - Kissing Song (MP3)
Chris Garneau - Castle Time (MySpace)
Van Davis - Monster Patrol (MySpace)
The Voyces - The End of Everything (MP3)

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Anonymous olifantje said...

psh i love chris garneau. youz dunt noe shit.


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