Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Day It Rained

One day I will move to Virginia, or some place like it. Where meadows meander and streets are paved with that slightly gravelly crackling sound underneath car tires. It might not be Virginia, but it will be like Virginia. I am realizing I will be a child until I hit 93 years old and I am trying to make my brain disperse this knowledge beyond just the rational logics part of my body.

When I was 13 I thought I surely would know most everything about life once I doubled that number. Now that I am one year past the double mark, I realize I know a lot more than I did then, yet I am still a child that knows nothing. Perhaps my parents are children still as well. Perhaps my friend Erykah was right when in 1996 she told me "The man that knows something, knows that he knows nothing at all." I was 18 years old in 1996 and on Friday the 13th of September Tupac was shot to death. On Friday the 13th of September of 1978, 3 months before my birth, my grandfather passed away. I was to be his first, only and long-awaited grandson after a female run of success culminating in 9 grand daughters. Years later I heard his voice on a cassette tape and recognized a person I had never known. He was concerned about carrying on the family name. He had 8 children, 10 grandchildren, but I, and I alone, will carry on my family name. Maybe I will do so in Virginia, or some place like it.

Ever since Rachael sent me an MP3 of Oh No! Oh My!'s "I Love You All The Time" I've been very interested in this band. It's an interesting combination of acoustic music and throbbing indie electro dance. I'm hoping they'll come our way soon to see what they're all about live. Some MP3's below including a hilarious exclusive new recording for I Guess I'm Floating, a Kentucky based blog.

Download of the Day
Oh No! Oh My! - Jane Is Fat (MP3)
Oh No! Oh My! - Walk In The Park (MP3)
Oh No! Oh My! - I Guess I'm Floating (To Kentucky) (MP3) Via IGuessImFloating

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Blogger Tina* said...

I always liked what Mark Twain said about knowledge and our infinite capacity to not know... "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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