Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Day Of The Vegan

Sometimes it seems like that those who could go undefeated aren't willing to fight.

Last Sunday's Undisputed Heavyweights show was tons of fun for us. Unfortunately some people were refused at the door due to the space limitation. That made us sad. The beautiful singing by the crowd on Roll Your Windows Down. (Link goes to a live performance video of another show's rendition of "Roll Your Windows Down"). Photo above via Underrated. Night two of the Undisputed Heavyweights at Rockwood Music Hall live EP recording stretch is coming up July 7th. Before that you have some time to watch this crazy video (all real, no computer animation involved). (Via Indie-Licious.)

Book Finished: The Jordan Rules by Sam Smith
Book Started: The Greatest: My Own Story by Muhammad Ali

Tonight I will be attending BV's event with Land of Talk, Tokyo Police Club and The Ballet with DJ's Ramesh from Voxtrot & Finger on the Pulse at The Syrup Room in Brooklyn. There are some surprises also. Yay for once a show close to where I live.

Download of the Day
Voxtrot - Sunlight Bather The Golden Glow (Felt cover) (MP3) via GreatBodyOfWater
Voxtrot- Raised By Wolves/You Can Hide Your Love Forever (Comet Gain Cover) (MP3) via GreatBodyOfWater
Sufjan Stevens - The Perpetual Self (MP3) via TheLawsHaveChanged

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