Monday, June 19, 2006

The Day I Slept

With just a brief smile she entered the room and turned on the record player. Producing a crackle and a repetitive "only you know and I know" it colored the room, but not before she knocked over a glass of wine. She was such a pretty mess.

The boys in A Brief Smile are making moves. Opening up for The Fray both at the Bowery Ballroom and recently at the House of Blues in Cleveland they're expanding their fanbase and road testing their sound. It seems to be holding up really well. Here's one of a handful of stand out songs I recommend checking out for now while they keep playing and writing. I think an actual record will be released soon also. Video via Underrated.

A Brief Smile - A Pretty Mess

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I like John Mayer's music no matter what anyone with white cowboy boots and a mullet may say. His new single is streaming on his website and I really dig it. See below in the download section.

I am having trouble walking after a fun filled weekend. That is not quite as spectacular as it may sound. It's merely a result of not engaging in any type of physical exercise for the past 4 years followed by a 2.5 hour soccer match this saturday on a full pitch. It still clearly is the greatest sport of sports. The world cup has so far delivered a good bunch of great matches and the netherlands are through to the next round. Go USA for keeping Italy to a tie.

Download of the Day
A Brief Smile - Kitchen Sink (rough mix) (MP3)
A Brief Smile - Pretty Mess (MP3)
John Mayer - Waiting On The World To Change (stream) via
Tally Hall - Banana Man (MP3) via Underrated

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