Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Day Of Elvis

He started to swim in the opposite direction as I got closer. As if he didn't want to get rescued. I burned the inside of my mouth drinking faster than I should. As if I didn't want to save face. I faced him later, safely on the shore of his existence and he felt bad about what he had done. We'd write a song about it, I said.

This Sunday will be an excellent night at Rockwood Music Hall. The Undisputed Heavyweights are playing a 9pm show that is part of a run of 2 to 3 shows that will be recorded in our efforts to create a live EP. The night will also feature the talents of the wonderful Paula Valstein, Jeff Schram and Mike Grubbs. The live performance video of "Roll Your Windows Down" below was filmed at Underrated Magazine's Commencement Day event at Crash Mansion.

Elvis Perkins is getting a lot of buzz. I saw him perform a few months ago and it was good. He has a funny name that sounds made up but his dad has the same last name so who knows? Melancholic male singer-songwriter with interesting lyrics.

Download of the Day
Elvis Perkins - Ash Wednesday (MP3)
Elvis Perkins - It's Only Me (MP3)
Elvis Perkins - Moon Woman (MP3)
Elvis Perkins - The Night & the Liquor (MP3)
Elvis Perkins - While You Were Sleeping (MP3)
Elvis Perkins - Without Love (MP3)
Elvis Perkins - Mayday (MP3)
Elvis Perkins - WNYC's Soundcheck (Radio Appearance) (MP3)

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