Saturday, September 01, 2007

Kanye Doesn't Like Blogs

Hey blogger, do you like my shoes?

I'm not going to add to the gazillion web reviews of Kanye West's Graduation album, but I will say I'm definitely digging it. I received a txt message from a 30+ former rap fanatic more recently dissappointed by the output of the industry that read: "The new Kanye is having me love Hip Hop again man!"

New York Magazine's great blog Vulture lets us know that Kanye doesn't like blogs that much.

..Onstage later, he even admitted that blogs fuel his insecurity. “[They say] Kanye's a bitch, he's a fag, his shoes look funny, the fuck is wrong with him?” (From here.)

We like your shoes just fine Kanye. And the new music even better.


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