Thursday, August 30, 2007

RIAA Puts Smack Down On DJ Premier

DJ Premier's Live From HQ podcast pretty much has been the best thing about the internet radio/podcasting. The RIAA put out a hit on Primo and shut him down. For now.

From the Live From HQ page:

I received a phone call this afternoon that broke my heart. The CEO of contacted our department to notify us that our site has been hit with a cease & desist order from the RIAA for broadcasting copywritten material. Additionally, our relationship with SIRIUS has been up and down since day one, and more recently has been difficult because of their concerns relating to a pending corporate merger and subscription rates. I feel that we have enough cause to fight this challenge-yet we don’t have the time, money, or legal resources to do so.

Basically, we will be able to continue publishing our own promotional content on the site(mixtapes,interviews,remixes,promos,etc.)-but no more “Live From HQ” episodes.
More here.


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