Friday, August 31, 2007


Live from an IHOP in Minneapolis, Lanz and I spoke on the phone while she experienced life on the road in middle America. She is 18, and as you can see below a blond female, and on her first single 'Grow Up' she raps about her family life, abusive relationships, dropping out in 9th grade, and trying to make it. Visually speaking not the usual suspect for an interview on a Hip Hop blog. Ignore the "hard knocks/tough internship EPK" and give her a real shot by checking out her new music video. Based on the music I've heard so far this is no Hip Pop.

Now that's what the f*ck I call a chain reaction

W: You're about to play the first leg of your tour supporting Snoop Dogg. How does that feel? Did you see this coming when you were going around the NYC underground circuit? And how did you hook up with Snoop?

L: It feels great. It's an honor to be on the same bill with a legend like Snoop. Did I see it coming? Honestly, I have always set my sights high and always though my first time out on tour would be with one of the big rappers. Snoop and I are both represented by the William Morris Agency. My manager and agent got in touch with Snoop's agent and played him the music and he liked it. Based on the strength of the story and the music we hooked it up.

To read the full interview go HERE.


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