Thursday, August 30, 2007

LISTEN: Baby Elephant (Prince Paul) - How Does The Brain Wave? ft David Byrne

DOWNLOAD Baby Elephant - How Does The Brain Wave? ft David Byrne [Produced by Prince Paul] (MP3)

I'm going to make David Byrne sound really weird

A post from the left side of the spectrum. Known for his classic work with De La Soul, The Gravediggaz and many more, Prince Paul has long ago left the traditional mold of Hip Hop behind. This new project, Baby Elephant, is a collaboration with Bernie Worrell and Newkirk. A funk fantasia mix with Hip Hop beats and crazy left field vocals from the likes of indie rock forefather David Byrne, George Clinton, Shock G and uber-original talent Reggie Watts. Think Handsome Boy Modeling School meets Parliament being played on a boombox at a domino game between 1983's Prince and Roger Troutman. In Oakland.

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Anonymous Nick said...

that is an insanely on point description of this stuff


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