Monday, August 20, 2007

Mini Roundup

A few interesting Hip Hop News items elsewhere. (If anyone knows how I can get rid of these flower bullet points and just have regular ones, hit me up.)

  • Japan's DJ Krush is releasing a DVD.
  • Lyric's Born is interviewed on CanIBringMyGat.
  • Weiss shares his thoughts on Wild Style's 25th Anniversary.
  • Soulico is playing Studio B this Saturday as part of the After The Jump Fest.
  • Attorney St explains the historal relevance of Kid N Play.
  • Nahright shares Snoop Dogg ft. The Game - I’m Here.
  • Kanye West previews two tracks off of Graduation. Great stuff.
  • Surprise, surprise. Jay-Z tops Forbes list for richest rappers.
  • Atmosphere release a tour only EP, Sad Clown Bad Summer - Number 9, with the best cover for a rap record in years.

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