Friday, August 17, 2007

Heidi Montag - Body Language ft Spencer Pratt

DOWNLOAD Heidi Montag - Body Language ft Spencer Pratt (Radio Rip) (MP3)

Heidi, Spencer & Lauren

Lauren Conrad wins again.

A 'sideways' post': For those not up on their celebrity gossip, and Lord know I wish I was one of you, these are all cast members of MTV's The Hills. They're fighting. The above MP3 is from Ryan Seacrest's radio show on KIIS FM.

They sample Yaz for goodness sake. Spencer's pathetic 'rap' is my excuse for posting this.

Thanks Harry

Update just saw that Stereogum beat me to this by half a day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The song isnt bad. I surprisingly like it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it fucking talks bout her doing anything he wants wich is so true, heidi is a fucking slutty bitchy skank

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Heidi's new single, just maybe without Spencers rap. She is a good singer, but as with any artist their voice is bound to get tweaked a little, so it's not just hers. I think that she is a good person, she is just caught up in her relationship which admitedly happens to almost anyone.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually like it too!!!


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