Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weekly Hip Hop News Roundup

DOWNLOAD Common Market - My Pathology (MP3)
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My "Wes' Weekly Hip Hop News Roundup" went up over at BrooklynVegan.

A few items from the full post below.

  • Apparently 50 Cent had a breakdown and tore up his G-Unit offices while screaming on the phone to his label Interscope Records. Ms. Info had a post up that I discovered through this Nahright post. I then found that Ms. Info's post had mysteriously been deleted, not cached by google either. HipHopDX still has some excerpts from the original Ms Info post up. This all is apparently over 50's next single/video, Follow My Lead ft Robin Thicke being leaked. I'd link to it but it keeps getting deleted.
  • Timbaland + Justin Timberlake new project Madonna's new album.
  • David Banner tells Al Sharpton to go fuck himself.
  • UGK is released a (bloated) double album. The NY Times wrote a nice profile. Brandon shares his thoughts on the album.
  • Speaking of the Wu, BGDBoom has been doing a really great job with all of his Wu Tang related posts. Check out the past week or two here
  • Looking for the perfect playlist for your next date? Download this collection of MP3s with the Pimp theme. The go to Metal Lungies to download some more with the "sexy" theme. Oh boy, you're going to be in like Flynn. In case it doesn't work out though go download this batch of song with the theme "Shit".
  • OhWord went guerilla to capture this footage of Rakim performing at Rock The Bells.

For many more news items, downloads, videos and a bunch of shows listed go over to Brooklynvegan.

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