Monday, August 20, 2007

This Weekend: After The Jump Fest

As you probably have noticed on the many more dilligent blogs posting about the After The Jump Fest, taking place at Studio B in Brooklyn.

Music Slut interviewed Spectrum and Soulico, David spoke to David Bruno, Music Snob had a chat with Jukebox The Ghost, Product Shop had a one on one with Riot In Belgium, and there's a whole lot else to find on the After The Jump website.

Schedule Free Day Show

2:00 PM ( Main Stage) The Teenage Prayers
2:30 PM (CONCERT.TV Side Stage) Jukebox The Ghost
3:00 PM ( Main Stage) Locksley
3:30 PM (CONCERT.TV Side Stage) Bling Kong
4:00 PM ( Main Stage) Golem
4:30 PM (CONCERT.TV Side Stage) Goes Cube
5:00 PM ( Main Stage) Ra Ra Riot
5:30 PM (CONCERT.TV Side Stage) Apache Beat
6:00 PM ( Main Stage) Spectrum

Schedule Charity Night Show
10:00 The Virgins
11:00 Soulico
12:00 Free Blood
1:00 Riot In Belgium
DJ Sets from
Finger On The Pulse
David Bruno (Slap You In Public)
and special guests TBA

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