Friday, August 17, 2007

Watching 50 Self-Destruct (A Chronology)

DOWNLOAD 50 Cent - Part Time Lover (Dissing Lil' Wayne/Baby) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD 50 Cent - Southside ft Tony Yayo (Dissing Jimmy Iovine/Irv Gotti) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD 50 Cent - We On Some Shit (Dissing Cam, Fat Joe, etc.) (MP3)

Most appropriate album cover ever?

Watching 50 Cent twist and turn the last couple of weeks has been interesting. Interesting like watching a car swerve out of bounds and towards an inescapable cliff.

First his lead off singles for the new Curtin album fizzle out, leading to the album being pushed back to share a release date with Kanye West. Then 50 rips up his office over a the leaking of his upcoming single 'Follow My Lead' (featuring Robin Thicke).

Following this he tells MTV to suck his Lil' 50 because he disagrees with his place on their Top 10 Hottest MCs list. Then he released a diss song targeting his label's boss, Jimmy Iovine, and his old buddy Irv Gotti. Yesterday he released a song dissing Lil' Wayne & Baby for no apparent reason. He also dislikes Jay-Z and Diddy.

I wonder if he'll stick to his promise to quit Hip Hop if Kanye West outsells him in their mutual first weeks out of the box. (They are playing nice and sharing a Rolling Stone cover by the way.) He certainly has all eyes on him. What will 50's next move be? (The most likely place we'll reading about what's next is Nahright where Eskay keeps the 50 news coming in the most up to date way.)

How ironic that originally Curtis was going to be titled Before I Self-Destruct. Will he escape this cliff?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

50 Cent is angry with Lil' Wayne for a few reasons:

1) Lil' Wayne did a song with Ja Rule - 50 Cent's been very clear that anyone who stands next to the Mpire is an enemy of G-Unit
2) Lil' Wayne did a song with Kanye West - which I'm sure pissed 50 off as he most likely saw it as a direct threat of competition
3) Lil' Wayne was rumored to have a diss track already written for 50 Cent - 50 before releasing 'Part Time Lover' had already called out Weezy for the track - 'Release it already!' he yelled in one interview
4) 50 Cent was furious with MTV's list of top 10 Hottest MCs -- While pissed at being placed at #8, I'm sure he was even more pissed off that Lil' Wayne was placed at #1 (and probably even more pissed that Game was placed 2 spots behind that)
5) Wayne/Baby have exchanged words with Young Buck regarding their 'kissing incident' - I'm sure that hasn't helped the situation, especially since Cash Money and Buck didn't exactly leave on the best terms
6) CURTIS is coming out soon, and, as is the pattern with everyone of his past releases, he must diss someone famous (GRODT - Ja, Massacre - Joe/Nas/Jada, CURTIS - Lil' Wayne)

The ironic thing is that about 5 months ago, 50 Cent highlighted Lil' Wayne as one of the few rappers he listened to and respected.

Lastly, 50 Cent can't seem to understand why his fame and popularity are declining. It seems difficult for him to grasp, even slightly impossible. However, this should have been foreseeable from the beginning of his career; with such a strong selling debut, reaching diamond worldwide, his 9 bullet wounds still freshly healing shut, the scars hyping his publicity as much as his invincible persona, one could almost easily picture his celebrity dropping faster than Olivia after her one and only trip to the Candy Shop. But, of course, 50 Cent's celebrity isn't dying, which makes the experience for him all the more frustrating, confusing, and insane. Why is that he still one of the most public-shock inducing characters and gawked at rappers, but 4 of the last products he's released have failed to reach gold (Yayo/Mobb Deep/Banks/Buck)! Why is it that 3 of his last 5 singles have failed to grab the publics attention? Why is it that his only success in the past year has been his acquisition of 10% a vitamin-infused water company? I certainly don't know the answers, and I'm sure 50 Cent doesn't either, but I'm 100% positive it is causing his latest erratic and schizophrenic behavior. I mean, god damn! 50's first few singles can't even make it on the charts, while Ja Rule's first single (Uh Oh!) debuts at #73! How baffling and emasculating must that seem to a giant like Curtis Jackson?

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

what an excellent comment! great analysis and i agree with all of it. he doesnt seem to understand why he is not successful like before anymore. cant even fathom it.

Blogger Mohammad said...

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