Monday, May 22, 2006

The Day It Started Anew

It's been quite a while since I was inspired by a love to start my livejournal. For years this domain of teen angst and confessional self mutilation served me well in those scary years between youthful naiveté and walking with a cane. It started out as a daily account of what was going on in my life, oh how self-absorbed, and later transformed into mostly a music-driven 'blog', oh how faux-hipster. Milestones were catalogued, moments captured, and pictures shared.

Now as I watch my music-blogging friends slowly quit their jobs to blog full-time and pay rent, I had to turn away in fear of what may happen. I can count roughly 6 or 7 offers made by Time-Warner to purchase, but each time I declined on these ever increasing numbers, simply because I knew they would've turned it into a travesty. I would've been so lost, on an island of my own, surrounded by tears of others.

I have visions sometimes, and in one of them I saw Entertainment Weekly crown my person "Blogger Most Likely To Go Down In An Insane Haze Of Orgy Of Drugs And Over-eating", a sidebar column no less, right next to the main feature on "Bloggers Most Likely To Become Rock-stars And Unironically Party With Paris Hilton". It wasn't pretty people. I had two choices and one involved dead marsupials and crack cocaine.

So I had to destroy and rebuild, because as much as I loved My So-Called Life as a young boy in the Netherlands, I don't love it enough to party with Lindsay Lohan, those dudes in Misshapes and Tom of MySpace, all while watching Jared Leto pass his number to underage models. Been there, done that, you know?

So here I am, still inspired by the same love, soon off to India, and standing at the dock watching a boat at sea carrying my former future self. I have my finger on the button, but for now, for just a moment, I will watch it float a little bit further. Soon it will go up in flames.

My reign on top was short like leprechauns.

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Anonymous möp said...


Anonymous Rachael said...

prettiest blog ever, no wonder time warner was after your soul.

Anonymous Amrit said...

I'd buy this blog in a heartbeat. Welcome to the new digs. And tell India I said hello.

Blogger Tina* said...

welcome to blogger, you'll like it here. Nothing... absolutely nothing... is worth partying with the people from Misshapes. See you Friday :)


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