Sunday, September 02, 2007

PHOTOS: Clipse At Columbia University

Now who would've thunk it? The originators of that crack-laced rap Clipse were chosen to welcome the freshman class at Ivy League school Columbia University. And not just that. These kids knew all the words to album deepcuts like 'Keys Open Doors' and pretty much every other song. They should've really renamed the school Colombia University for this special occasion.

Malice and Pusha T put on a great show with Pusha being the more intense performer (crazy eyes!) and Malice dripping with swagger. Re-Up Gang members Ab-liva and Sandman guested on a few songs and held their own. Clipse hung out afterwards to meet with the fans and seemed to be having a great time. Check out the photos I took here. A few examples below.

UPDATE Check out this video where Pusha T slides in a Lil' Wayne/Baby diss when he says that they are taking 'What Happened To That Boy' back because "everyone else is irrelevant anyway."

For the full set of photos go here.
Bonus Check out the Rock The Bells photos from a few weeks ago.

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Blogger bankhead said...

I hope they'll visit europe soon!

Anonymous nation said...

man those are some fucking sweet pictures, as usual. i'm really feeling the blog

Blogger M.Dot. said...

its official.

Im stalking.

First I give up a pair of tix in April to study for finals

this shit.

Keys Open Doors IS my Liberation music.

Trill talk.

Blogger Djlethal01 said...

so fucking jealous man! Our school brough Smash Mouth for freshman, pause. And when Clipse were here last year they only did 3 songs, and begged for more stagetime, even offering to perform for free, but they weren't taken up on their offer.


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