Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NEWS: Young Jeezy Speaks On Pimp C

I'm getting a little sick of all these 30/40+ year olds arguing like little kids, but here's what Young Jeezy had to say about Pimp C's most recent comments.

AHH: Just so we’re clear, Pimp questioned the figure 17.5. He’s been adamant that he wasn’t referring to you, but people are wondering if it’s still a slight to you since you go by Mr. 17.5.

Young Jeezy: If he ain’t referring to me he ain’t referring to me but first of all I’m one hundred, I’m a real street ni**a and I ain’t gotta stress that. And nor will I get myself or anybody in my circle indicted to prove nothing to no ni**a, but at the end of the day that what it is and that’s what I’m standing on. He been gone six years, he don’t know what’s been going on in these streets. And to be honest with you, nobody ain’t got to go shop over that way anyway. Come on man, this real man, this the world. You can go to the West Coast, you can go wherever you need to go to do what you got to do, ain’t just one store. [laughing]

He also debunks the $60K for a guest verse thing and calls himself amazing. Read the full interview here.

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