Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NEWS: Jim Jones Signing To G-Unit

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After a not at all subtle hint yesterday on my part, and now XXL rumoring about it, let me just say straight up that Jim Jones is currently working out the details with 50 Cent's G-Unit label. Signing bonus is already determined and will keep Jim ballin' for a few months.

Lets summarize this by saying Cam'ron loses, 50 sort of wins (though he's paying for it), and Jim Jones sort of wins, but will most likely end up losing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dipset didn't lose cuz jim jones cant rap. 50 just got one more loser in G-unit

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahaha so true dawgy. all the heart of dipset left when kosh went down. jimmy ur like the rest of the g-unit fags. keep your head up u might just get jumped agian

Anonymous deon said...

all you player haters why u anonymous and talkin shit i'll fuck u up.Gunit is the best rap label out there straight i'm talkin about the amount of music that comes out of that label who else does that.Other rappers normally take a 2 year break and then drop but g-unit is all around.Matter of fact tell me a time when u hear gunit not being mentioned huh .............. see cant say so shut your beak.(Truth ha)

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