Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NEWS: Havoc's "Fuck T.I." Taken Out Of Context

I don't really know how you could possibly take Havoc's "Fuck T.I. out of context. Or how you could possibly put it into a contest where this explanation makes sense. Havoc tries to explain in this XXL interview.

XXL: During an interview on Shade 45 last month, you said, “Fuck T.I.,” in response to the South’s popularity in hip-hop. Why did you call out T.I.?
Havoc: When I made that comment, it came out the wrong way and people took it out of [con]text. My issue is that New York needs to get it together. The problem is not T.I. and the South, at all. They’re making beautiful music. They need to be looked at like a reflection of us, like, “We used to do it like that.” Right now, I’m like, “Come on, what’s going on here?”

Full interview here.

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