Friday, September 14, 2007

NEWS: Pimp C Interview

I just read the Pimp C interview in XXL Magazine on my way to work and was pleased to see Eskay announce XXL put the whole thing up online. Great interview with a bunch of great quotables and moments of humor/gangster. On the subway this morning I even considered going old-school internet and posting a scan, because it was so entertaining. Here's an excerpt.

Pimp C: Don’t single out Jeezy, because he ain’t the only one that’s kickin’ numbers that don’t match. Have you ever sold drugs?

XXL: Excuse me?

Pimp C: Well, you do know there’s no water around Atlanta. So all the drugs in Atlanta either come from Miami or Texas. Ain’t no way those prices match up. If work in Texas is $15,000 to $16,000 a ki, you gotta pay a muthafucka $2,000 to $2,500 a bird to bring it back to your city. How you gonna sell it for lower than you got it? A muthafucka might be cold and go down to San Antonio to buy it straight from the muthafuckas that get it across the border for $10,000. But news flash: I know you muthafuckas ain’t comin down here to get it, ’cause we woulda saw ya. See, real niggas don’t swap it out. We get ya on the next batch. But Young Jeezy is my brother. I done made records with the nigga. I’m not gonna side with the media against my brother. It’s just that these dope prices… It ain’t even just the South. It’s a bunch of niggas lyin’ on records. Y’all ain’t gettin’ it like this on the East Coast, neither. Just stop, ’cause y’all know y’all gotta come get this work from us. Chuuch.

Read the full interview here.
To listen to the original best.ever Pimp C interview they refer to go here.

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