Monday, April 02, 2007

Ahhh Good Ole' Homophobia

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So the boys from A Brief Smile were invited to make an appearance on KROQ. Now I haven't listened to terrestrial radio since better alternatives entered the music discovery and listening field, but still, that sounded rather exciting. Then Macho Homophobia reared its ugly head. You didn't see that transition coming did you?

In the band's own words:

"....also, we were on 92.3 on the "jv and elvis show" on tuesday. they said they enjoyed the music but chose to shout anti-gay slurs at us as way to make themselves feel better about the reality that nobody with half of a brain listens to regular radio anymore...or something...we didn't quite get it. [queerty, wfmu and [...] all had something to say]"

I actually listened to the interview and it was disturbing. First they slur the band as a whole before they even get there, and then as soon as their bassplayer, who is bi-sexual, starts speaking (yes maybe not in the wisest manner) they start attacking him verbally and kick him out of the studio. It seemed like the hosts were trying so badly to go where Howard Stern, a much more talented and original piece of work, went long ago really and so much better. And failing miserably. I'm going to guess these guys are in their 30/40's and they were getting off on bullying some green dreamer musicians that for the most part aren't even drinking age yet. And they tried to mask it as the program giving the band a great shot at fame and a good way of training them for the 'scary real world' where, according to the DJs, everyone will attack them. They must live in one scary reality. Maybe they were bullied in school.

Now did the band go into the interview under-prepared? Probably. Did they start off with some unwise comments? Sure, maybe. But the DJs already were slurring them before they even got in there and they made no effort whatsoever to be professional adults with a bare minimum level of tact and class.

Conclusion One shouldn't use racist, sexist or sexual orientation type of slurs ever, even if you're redefining the meaning for your convenience. Regardless of if it applies to the one you're targeting or not.

DOWNLOAD Listen to the interview here (via Underrated).

Read about it on Underrated, MusicSlut, Poptarts, queerty, wfmu.


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