Friday, December 15, 2006

The Day I Thought Of Crack

In the year that Crack/Cocaine rap overwhelmed the Hip Hop market place more than ever before (Young Jeezy, Clipse, Rick Ross, T.I., etc.) this late 1980's verse by Masta Ace of the Juice Crew sounded so foreign but there was a time where rappers warned against getting involved in the drug world instead of boasting about it.

Sing a song of six pence, a pocket full of crack
Think you're sayin somethin, you ain't sayin jack
Now tell me, what is goin on these days?
From what I'm seein lately I'd say crime pays
Cause somebody is gettin paid
I think it's time to sprinkle some rain on the parade
Now listen, take this as a word from the wise
I'm not a prophet or a preacher, just a man with eyes
And I've been witnessed the fitness of a neighborhood worsen
You oughta hold a person-to-person
Discussion with those who rose from that level
Usin a broom or a mop or a shovel
Not on the corner waitin for the big pay-off
It's not comin, so why not stay off
The streets, believe me it beats bein sent up-
state on a date with the man and bein pinned up
In solitary, take advantage of your freedom
I'm givin helpful hands cause you need em
It's not all about the cash you make
Sellin poison to boys and girls - you're a fake
So what you got a cable, so what you got a bm?
You love when the girls go, "Ooh, did you see him!"
So what your pocket's filled with 20s and 10s
You're gonna find out just how fast that ends
Cause one day you'll be drivin round the way in your ride
There'll be a bullet with your name on the side
And if you don't believe what I'm tellin you, mack
When you're layin on the ground with a hole in your back
Lookin up at the sky, gettin closer to hell
Just remember Master Ace had a story to tell



Masta Ace ft Buckshot - Brooklyn Blocks (MP3) via Berkeley
Young Jeeze ft TI - I Got Money (MP3) via Spine
Clipse - Chinese New Year (MP3) via Wolfnotes

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Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I always thought Masta Ace was criminally underrated. I think I still know every word to Born to Roll. Nice post, it's funny to see something written almost 20 years ago still resonant. In hip hop 20 years almost seems like an eternity.

Blogger w said...

ive actually been listening to a LOT of juice crew stuff and so much of it is still relevant, even more so maybe now with all the crack rap.


Blogger Alaina said...

when i was wearing L.L.Bean "bean boots" two guys were hanging up crap art around the moat, and i was very close to stepping in with them.

also, I've been following your band for a while. keep up the good work!


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