Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Day I Almost Walked Into A Ramone

Last night I was a guest host on Sirius Radio's Left Of Center channel during BrooklynVegan's Blog Radio. I got to pick 1.5 hours worth of music (see playlist below) and we talked about the Heavyweights, Engine Room Recordings, the Guilt By Association compilation disc we're working on (I preview the Petra Haden track on air), Cross-Pollination,and more. As I walked in Dashboard Confessional was playing a few songs acoustically on air.

Afterwards I was ushered into the tiny studio where we recorded the episode. They have a big wall where all the famous bands sign their name. I managed to squeeze the Heavyweights into a little spot next to The Shins.

Find the playlist below. For more photos go to the Heavyweights Flickr page.

1) Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart
2) Toby Goodshank - Wally Breaks It Down Proper
3) Termanology - Watch How It Go Down

4) The So & So's -Please You
5) Ry Black - Til The Day (dem0)
6) Wakey Wakey - You Could DO Better If You Tried (live)
7) Oh No! Oh My! - I Love You All The Time
8) Jump Little Children - By The Way They Dance

9) Clipse - Chinese New Year
10) Classified - 5th Element
11) White Rabbits - The Plot

12) Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy
13) Aphex Twin - 4
14) Ed Purchla - What I Believe In

15) Testosterone Kills - I'm Gonna Tell You
16) Kettel - Twinkle Twinkle That Is You
17) Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McCrea - Baby, It's Cold Outside
18) The Innocence Mission - Lakes Of Canada

19) Dave Deporis - At The End Of The Tunnel (Live @ CrossPol)
20) MSTU - Sheffield Shanty
21) Petra Haden - Don't Stop Believin'

22) Matt Singer - Suitable Vacation
23) Barry Bliss - All I Really Want
24) Acada & De Munnik - Bij Haar Zijn (live)

25) Ghostface Killah - RAGU
26) Lady Of Rage - Unfucwitable
27) The Game - Looking At You
28) Jay-Z - Trouble

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Anonymous holly danger said...

So good to see Mister Goodshank on your list!! That makes me happy. Very cool that you were chosen to be a part of Left of Center.. I'm jealous & happy for you. :)


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