Friday, March 30, 2007

On Online Luck/Unluck

DOWNLOAD Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (MP3) Via KnK
DOWNLOAD Bjork - Hyperballad (MP3) Via Julio
DOWNLOAD Thelonious Monk - Evidence (MP3) Via Moistworks

In my excitement about getting a ticket to one of the NYC Arcade Fire shows this morning (after missing out last time), I completely forgot about the show I wanted tickets to more than even Arcade Fire: Bjork :(

Also I lost my second ebay auction trying to get one of these Time Magazines from 1964 with my man Thelonious Monk on the cover. Miraculously two appeared on ebay and I lost the first one because I held out and forgot to bid, and the second one I lost on one dollar in the last few seconds. :(

If ANYONE ever sees one of these ANYWHERE let me know. There's a special spot on my wall for this one.

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