Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Day Of AC Necessity

Madurai, India - 7/24/06

You lived in a magic box outside of the world we knew. You were angry and you were sick. Sometimes I came to visit you and plowed through 20 inches of snow on my way to your front door. I brought a blowdryer on a really long cord to make my way to you. The tea was always great and the conversation better. I liked the quiver in your voice.


So now that I am nearing 28 I have reached the point where I am no longer the intern but am the person interviewing the potential interns. Their youthful enthusiasm, prepared soundbytes, nervous smiles and looks around remind me of what seems about 3 weeks ago when I was interviewing for internships. Ahhh to work for no money and all heart. Remember those days? It's interesting now for me to observe from the other side of the table and remember the feelings and emotions associated. For a second today I was lost in limbo right in between being them and being me. The audience or the performer? Speaking of, this Friday the Undisputed Heavyweights will be performing at the wonderful Rockwood Music Hall at 9pm. It shall be grand.

Regina Spektor's album has finally come to me and I must say I have been enjoying it much more than expected. I have always had love for Regina, but I never felt she fullfilled her promise of musical superiority. She still hasn't quite made it there but I feel this latest effort is a huge step forward. I have faith she will get there next time around. Interesting production choices and good songwriting. Find a bunch of the new songs below.

Download of the Day
Regina Spektor - Fidelity (MP3) via IndieForDummies
Regina Spektor - Hotel Song (MP3) via IndieForDummies
Regina Spektor - On The Radio (live) (MP3) via BerkelyPlace
Regina Spektor - 20 Years of Snow (live) (MP3) via BerkelyPlace
Regina Spektor - Field Below (live) (MP3) via BerkelyPlace
Regina Spektor - Samson (live) (MP3) via BootLog
Regina Spektor - Better (live) (MP3) via BootLog
Regina Spektor - That Time (MP3) via IHeartMusic
Regina Spektor - Music Box (Bonus Version) (MP3) via Fabulist
Regina Spektor - Summer In The City(MP3) via FloatingAway

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