Monday, July 31, 2006

The Day I Returned

Here I am again re-emerging from too many hours on airplane and too few hours spent walking around tailor's markets and holding beautiful babies. India is intense. India is different. India is crazy and India is beautiful in a wholly unique way. I had the best guide in the world and saw many things I didn't expect to see. Dipped my feet in the ocean, my fingers in food and my camera in people's lives. I visited an orphanage, a tailor's market and temples. I have uploaded a small selection of pictures on my newly upgraded Flickr Page for your viewing please. Enjoy. Click HERE to view them. (Click away and for full size choose the option "all sizes" for a much improved view).

Now I am ready, affected and a slightly different person (oh how trite post-india), to step back into the craziness that is New York city and it's music scene.

Download of the Day
The Flaming Lips - The Machine in India (MP3) via Like Flies On Sherbert
Brian Jonestown Massacre - In India You (MP3) via BigStatic
All India Radio - You’ll Never Go To Bollywood (MP3) via CousinCreep
Stephen Malkmus - Pink India (MP3) via LookingAtThem
John Coltrane - India (MP3) via BananaNutrament

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