Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Day After Siren

Chinatown, NYC - 7/11/06

Everything I write, essentially I write for an audience of one. Everyone else is watching the movie that inevitably will be made at some point starring beautiful actors consulting the ones that were actually there. Remember that old lady that survived and lost her necklace? There will be an old lady that survived and lost her cow because it went travelling through the land in which they worship. And that is a beautiful thing though understandably sad.

Above you can view the new DMX music video for "Lord Give Me A Sign" which is a fascinating excercise in duality and the personal inner struggle to balance the difference aspects of one's personality and beliefs. It's actually a very sincere and strong religious expression. I highly recommend watching it, paying close attention to the lyrics and being fascinated. Even if you don't enjoy rap music. See it as a psychology event.

As World War III has started, or at least Newt would like for us to call it that, it seems for the perfect moment to get away and explore other things. I will be visiting the girl on the elephant in India starting Tuesday. I plan on wearing a manskirt, or mundu, for the entire trip. I have beautiful legs but local customs require humility so I will not show them off.

A miracle happened! I found some music on MySpace that is actually good! Through Nefarious Radio I stumbled upon a song by the now defunct So and So's, not those that play with Margot but those fronted by still active Meghan Toohey. I can't stop listening to their song Please, see below for download, which is a female fronted indie rock popsong of the highest degree. Vocally somewhat reminiscent of the Cardigans and Shea Seger, but musically more crafty and louder. You owe it to your music loving self to at least download Please below.

Download of the Day
The So and So's - Please (MP3)
The So and So's - Tattoo (MP3)
The So and So's - Better (MP3)

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Anonymous Rachael said...

i usually don't like femal fronted indie rock bands, but this one is quite good. see! myspace is good for somethings, once in a while..

good find.

Anonymous Col said...

have a safe trip wes. i expect to see a photo of you in a mundu up here soon!


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