Friday, July 14, 2006

The Day of The Roots

AU Campus, Washington DC - 10/11/04

I might forgive, but I do not forget. Sometimes fights can get out of hand. Sometimes it's best to let go. You say you want a revolution but I say you're out of your mind. Or as Ed says: "Why be asleep, if you are alive?" Keep them closer than friends.

Do you ever ask yourself: "Who DiD you exploit today?" Well this toddler goes around Wall St to ask that exact question. Amusing results above.

The Undisputed Heavyweights added two Rockwood shows to what was suppose to be the empty month of August. The 4th and the 25th will be the dates where that little room will be rocked right around 9pm. The EP will not be done by then yet but hopefully it will be ready early September.

The Roots have a new album coming out called Game Theory and it's straight fire, if you will. I saw them perform at Radio City Music Hall and then I saw ?uestlove again with Jay-Z. Today I got a chance to listen to the whole thing and I was very impressed. The stepped their game up for their first Def Jam release and are trademark Roots but one a whole new level. I am very excited about this album and after a few listen it's sounding like this will be a classic keeper to be spun for years to come. Dirty sophisticated beats, effortless flows by Black Thought, interesting left-of-center production with a real musical oldschool vibe and more. See below to download one of my favorite tracks off the album. They even sample Radiohead's You And Whose Army on Atonement. Release Date 8/23. Must buy!

Download of the Day
The Roots - Don't Feel Right (MP3)

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Anonymous rachael said...

yes! more shows at rockwood. woohoo! ps. i want your camera. your pictures are delicious.

Blogger Wes said...

haha actually this pic wasn't taken with that but with my lovely ladyfriend's camera. and actually I think she even took the actual picture! haha


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