Tuesday, January 08, 2008

LISTEN: Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah

This is the Kanye West's school of sampling European Techno/Electro taken one step too far further as Wiz Khalifa drops his second single with the Johnny Juliano produced 'Say Yeah'. Watch the video for Dutch techno act Alice Deejay below with the original 'Better Off Alone'.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BEWARE!!!! of this website http://2020proof.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/wiz-khalifa-say-yeah-aka-say-butabi/
this guy didnt like my comments in support of wiz, so he edited them to say what he wanted. then he used my email addy to locate and post my myspace page. when i called him on it he deleted all comments. i posted 3 new ones. lets see if he deletes them too. his name is peter divito. he runs 2020Proof out of pittsburgh. YOU FUCKED UP HOMIE!!!!!! Wiz fan or not who needs this kind of BULLSHIT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wiz is dope. say yeah's beat and flow is amazing. glad this is getting some airtime.


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