Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NEWS: Joell Ortiz Speaks On What Makes Brooklyn Special

I just found this Joell Ortiz comment on the competitive nature of Brooklynites so on point. From his recent Unkut interview.

Unkut: What is it about Brooklyn cats that makes you guys stand out?
Joell Ortiz: You know what it is, man? The competitive nature, that’s just different in itself. Not just music, you understand? I could just be standing in a store and be like “Oh, dude tries to crush his outfit? Man, he can’t dress better than me. What is this guy? Crazy?” We’re competitive down to the littlest things. “Oh, that’s the potato chips that dudes is eating now? Them shit’s is corny, man” [laughs] We’re just competitive about the littlest shit, so with music we over-critique ourselves. I guess that’s why sometimes the product sounds the way it sounds, or may come across the way it comes across, ‘cos we’re so hard on ourselves out here in Brooklyn. (Read full interview here.

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