Tuesday, January 08, 2008

LISTEN: Estelle - American Boy ft Kanye West

DOWNLOAD Estelle - American Boy ft Kanye West (MP3)

Estelle has been down with Kanye West since before College Drop Out and it pays off as he appears on her new single 'American Boy'. Look at that! Obama is even just looking like he could become president and the tide is already turning in the world arena as far as sentiments towards Americans go! Lol @ the line: "I just met this 5'7" guy that's just my type".

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Blogger bctw said...

This is hot but this is a beat from will.i.am's album Songs About Girls. Is this bootleg or is this the official release? I hope Will gets production credit.

Blogger SDSU said...

supposedly it's official. im proud to say I didnt know this was off of that album haha ;)


Anonymous Kanye West Fan said...

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