Tuesday, December 04, 2007

VIDEO: Channel Live - Hip Hop Nation

I posted an MP3 of this really great track a while ago. Today SitDownStandUp.com is exclusively debuting the video. Much props to Hakim. A must-watch for any Hip Hop fan with an appreciation to that New York vibe you grew up on. So good.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

song is okay, but the video is fucking trash.

Anonymous Mozi said...

I don't get the video...

Anonymous ciara said...


Anonymous Dwayne said...

Saw a link from this at nahright.com. I agree with everyone else. Song is dope. But the video lost me. Why does he have on ear buds for? Why is there a cheap cartoon photoshop filter for? What is the point of the artwork? What is the storyline with the girl getting dissed have to do about the song? It's hip hop!!! I don't see any hip hop in the video besides the cameos from Krs-One, Freddie Fox and so forth. I loved this song on Hip Hop DX where I first heard it, but now I am highly disappointed.

Blogger khal said...

word its good to have Channel Live back in any form.

Anonymous Dwayne said...

Yeah you right Khal. But not like this. This video just ruined the song.

Anonymous nick said...

damn, why ya'll hatin on this video so hard?! just be glad that hip hop is still alive. it might be bad, but it is not really relevant.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn, hip hop comes back and this is how ya'll treat it? crazy shit yo. it is not even that serious people. chill and enjoy the good music.

ps: the video is wack though but the song is hella cool.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This video was shot in North Philly right next to Temple University. Surprised no one got popped in killadelphia that day.

Blogger Dan Love said...

Thanks for the heads up on this Wes: love the beat, real nice head noddy vibe.

I'll get ya linked up. Hope you guys enjoy the night on the 6th.

Take it easy,


Blogger Channel Live said...

Not that you care, but the point of the video is to address conflict resolution and promote "Stop The Violence".. If your from the hood you know that's how beef gets started, over something small, like "what you say?" or "Why you put our hands on my girl?"..We shot this in Philadelphia wit REAL Hood cats to show REAL leadership.. Philly is the murder capitol right now.. Maybe we should of had a rimmed up benz or made the chick get naked or something..The art was used to incorporate other elements of Hip Hop besides rapping.. But seeing as most of you guys were born after 1990 yall wouldn't get it.. Do some research then you might understand.. start with the movies "Wildstyle" and "Style Wars"

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Oxana said...

well, I'm impressed. you don't often come across an artist (especially hip-hopper) interested in such issures and able to express his ideas in such a good way. I love your music (happy to find it by abbmp3.com/ ) and from now on respect you even more.


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