Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NEWS: 50 Cent To Work On Lindsey Lohan's Album?

Does this news even surprise me after a photo like the one below? Natural progression for Curtis. 50 Cent is planning to work with Lindsay Lohan on her new album. You may remember that Lindsey also appeared on set for a 50 Cent/Mobb Deep video two years ago. They go back.

Daddy Lohan says: "They're talking about working together. Nothing's firm yet, but they're in talks. They've actually known each other for a while, just from being in the business together and crossing paths at events."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats paris hilton not lindsey lohan...get it straight.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Hilarious! Trying to print gossip, and they don't even know who it is their talking about!! Yes, that is definately Paris, not Lindsey.... Oh well, their both whores anyway!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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