Friday, November 16, 2007

LISTEN: Channel Live - Hip Hop Nation

DOWNLOAD Channel Live - Hip Hop Nation (MP3)

A exclusive. The criminally slept-on East Coast 90's crew Channel Live, known for their 1994 single 'Mad Izm' and album Station Identification, is back. This time it's just Hakim and the new album A Revolution Televised is scheduled for 2008. This track, 'Hip Hop Nation', will have you solemnly bop your head while you'll listen to Hakim's truth over a beautifully melancholic beat produced by Scanz.

Hakim with Snoop

"To each his own you know, I respect everybody / but you know I've got my personal favorites, listen / Some listen to Jigga, well I fuck with GZA / Timbaland's too soft, I prefer True Mas' and RZA, go figure / Gangsta rap's commercial my n*gga / We used to fight the power, now we just sell liquor"


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Anonymous Shake said...

Yes! I put this joint up on the site (hiphopdx) about a month ago. This is fuckin hip hop people! Good post.


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