Monday, December 03, 2007

NEWS: Spice 1 Shot, In Critical Condition

And the violence continues. Bay Area legend Spice 1 was shot in his hometown of Hayward, California and is alive but in critical condition.

"According to [his manager] Six, Spice was shot twice, once in the chin and another time in the chest, which just missed his heart by inches. "Yes, it's true. Right now, we're asking for everyone to keep Spice in their prayers." (source)

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Anonymous HardcoreRob187 said...

damn, Spice-1 I pray you get better. you are my favorite west coast rapper of all time. I used to love watching your videos like "Strap on the Side" on the box channel. After hearing Pimp C died and now this in the same day, I cannot bare anymore pain in losing all my favorite rappers.


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