Monday, December 17, 2007

NEWS: Sit Down Stand Up´s Favorite 10 Hip Hop Albums Of 2007

Per request of the folks over at Imeem I put together a list of my 10 favorite Hip Hop/Rap records released in 2007. They even built a playlist of singles from those albums for us on their front page (and see below). I always have such a hard time putting together these lists, and I will change in a few minutes, but here is my list of my 10 favorite Hip Hop/Rap albums of 2007, of this moment. Who did I forget? (I'm sure I forgot someone.)

Sit Down Stand Up´s Favorite 10 Hip Hop Albums Of 2007
01. Wu-Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams
02. Jay-Z - American Gangster
03. Kanye West - Graduation
04. Sean Price - Jesus Price Supastar
05. Talib Kweli - Eardrum
06. Little Brother - Get Back
07. Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth
08. Freeway - Free At Last
09. Pharoahe Monch - Desire
10. El P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead

Honorable mentions: DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Return of the Magnificent, KRS-One & Marley Marl - Hip-Hop Lives, Joell Ortiz - The Bodega Chronicles, Ghostface Killah - Big Doe Rehab. Who else?

The whole thought process for putting together this list can be summed up as: Which album did I listen to a lot, and will I continue to listen to. For example I really dug Common's Finding Forever for the first week or two, and then I was never played again. The reason that Ghostface Killah is merely an honorable mention is because I really just haven't lived with it enough. American Gangster is as high as it is because, even though there are some duds, some of the songs on there are better than any songs on any of the other albums on the list. Joell Ortiz shows most promise and is rookie of the year. 8 Diagrams is a sonic experiment and a step into the unknown for the Clan by way of RZA and I think it's visionary. It grows with each listen. For a seperate top 10 favorites list of mine, in the folk/rock genres go here.

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Blogger bankhead said...

no mention of the EP from Showbiz & A.G., I'm gone write a part of that soon. That EP might be the best thing of the year

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you chose some pretty good albums ..soon you need 2 put lupes in there ..

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

Lupe: Food & Liquor came out in 2006 and The Cool is way too new for me to include, kind of like Big Doe Rehab, but worse. Ive only gotten to listen once so far and Im not sure yet whatI think.

And I havent heard the Show & AG EP, would love to seek it out though. Big fan of theirs


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