Sunday, December 16, 2007

LISTEN: Three 6 Mafia - On Sum Chrome ft. UGK

DOWNLOAD Three 6 Mafia - On Sum Chrome ft. UGK (MP3)

This Three 6 Mafia track is allegedly the last thing UGK's Pimp C recorded before he passed. And that is the only reason this song would ever be posted here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

THAT IS NOT Pimp C on the track!!! Seriously I want some explanations to why they said ft. UGK when that is clearly not him....he died in L.A. while recording with 3-6 and must not have finished recording cuz thats clearly Chrome or someone trying to sound like him....i've followed his career from the beginning and anyone that thinks that was thr trillest pimp outta houston Chad Butler is retarded

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME! Three 6 Mafia visited Jojo @ KIIS FM. CHECK IT OUT!!


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