Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NEWS: Chamillionaire Doesn't Like The Gays Either

Well, we already knew Ja Rule was a gay basher who blamed gays for the demise of the US. I was somewhat surprised to have to assign Chamillionaire to the same team.

I am angry. At the gay kissing.

In what ProHipHop ignorantly* describes as a "nice blog post/personal statement", Cham disappointingly states in a grammar/typo challenged piece of writing:

"The B word, the N word, the F word, it’s all a moral thing inside of each person. If you look at TV, everything is messed up about TV. Gay people kissing each other on shows. The us is in general. Movies, they’ll have guns everywhere, nobody pays attention to that. It’s not just in Rap." Read Cham's full blog here.

* Clyde of ProHipHop has missed the offensive line when he first posted and described the Cham piece and judged it accordingly.

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Anonymous ProHipHop said...

I missed that one line and I appreciate your pointing it out.

Other than that, doesn't he seem to be at least saying some things a bit differently than a lot of artists. Was anything else that offensive?


Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

Hi Clyde, he most certainly does but I feel it's nearly completely negated by that one ignorant line. I can't take seriously the nice stuff he says because of it. I am disappointed in what I regard generally as an intelligent artist with an interesting different point of view.

Anonymous ProHipHop said...

It is disappointing. I'm disappointed because Chamillionaire has come across in a positive light up to now.

So why are you calling me ignorant for missing one line since you obviously agree that everything else is at least ok?


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