Tuesday, September 04, 2007

LISTEN: 50 Cent - Fully Loaded Clip (Produced by Havoc)

DOWNLOAD 50 Cent - Fully Loaded Clip (Prod. Havoc) (MP3)

50 Cent's Curtis is formulaic in nature going halfies between gully gun talk and some songs for the ladies. After a first listen I have to say I like the beat selection better than on The Massacre. The two Havoc beats rise above most of the other ones, the Dr. Dre beat is decent new-school Dre, but the Eminem one is one of his weaker ones. It's more so Eminem's fault than 50's lyrical victory, but Curtis is definitely not out-rapped on their collaborative effort. Sales wise though Kanye West will probably outsell 50 in first week US sales, I think Curtis will do very well for 50 internationally speaking.

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