Tuesday, August 21, 2007

VIDEO: Method Man DVD Trailer

Method Man is releasing Live From The Sunset Strip October 30th. Now, I've been known to be very critical of Hip Hop concerts as a concept, because most of them suck, but Method Man was definitely on point at Rock The Bells earlier this month. The DVD is shot in High Definition, so you can see each individual seed in Meth's blunts on stage, at the House Of Blues in Hollywood, California. Tracklist below.

Photo part of my Rock The Bells set

Track List
Intro (Album 4:21)
Method Man
Bring The Pain
Ice Cream
All I Need
Grid Iron Rap
How High
What The Blood Clot
Suspect Chin Music
Fall Out
Is It Me
Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To Fuck With
Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Tribute to ODB)
Brooklyn Zoo
Judgement Day
Da Rockwilder

Method Man Live DVD Trailer

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