Thursday, February 07, 2008

NEWS: Public Enemy & Raekwon To Perform Albums In Full

Now this I'd like to see. Public Enemy will perform It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back in full as part of the oddly named Don't Look Back concert series. Raekwon will do the same for Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Now the problem is that it will take place in the UK. Dates below.
Public Enemy
5/23 - Brixton Academy, London
5/26 - Academy, Manchester
5/27 - ABC 1, Glasgow
Support acts: Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon, Edan

5/19 - Koko, London
Via DS.

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Blogger jon jon said...

MOP + G Unit seemed like an ok idea on paper....3yrs, no record.wowzer

Anonymous MiRKED said...

that would be a dope concert..but why in the UK? makes you think they would support this show more than us..are we to busy buying souja boy tickets?

USA > world


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