Wednesday, February 06, 2008

LISTEN: Fat Joe Interview

DOWNLOAD Fat Joe Interview (MP3)

Fat Joe doesn't like you anymore. Listen to DJ Booth's interview, and read an excerpt below.

DJ Booth: That’s good, stay out of trouble. “Elephant in the Room,” as I mentioned off the top, is dropping in March. The title is a reference to the staying power that you’ve had in the industry, and the subsequent lack of respect you feel you’ve been shown. Is that all there is to it?

Fat Joe: Absolutely. It’s like, the room is hip hop, and the elephant is me. Every time I see these countdowns of, who are the top ten rappers, they never want to mention my name. If you look at the longevity of an artist, somebody comes out and is an overnight sensation, and by the next album, its wack, and they’re not even in the game no more. So you got somebody givin’ you eight albums and a whole bunch of other joints – classics, anthems, underground bangers – and still, the elephant’s in the room… “Oh, my favorite MC is Ja Rule!” “My favorite MC is Jay-Z!” And the elephant is standin’ right in front of them, like, “Turn on your radio. Listen. Look at TV, look who’s on the box, all day.” You might wanna mumble my name??

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