Thursday, February 07, 2008

NEWS: M.O.P. Leaves G-Unit, Finally

According to AHH hardcore geniuses M.O.P. have left G-Unit after three years of nothing. At least they got their debt wiped out.

Brooklyn rap group M.O.P. is searching for a new label home, as they prepare to leave 50 Cent's G-Unit imprint. "As soon as I lock down the new situation, it will be official," [according to the group's manager[ Laze, adding that the terms were definitely “amicable.” While M.O.P.'s three year stint on G-Unit did not yield an album, the group benefited greatly from the situation, according to their longtime manager. "The great thing about the G-Unit deal is that it cleared all the debts the group carried over the years," Laze explained. "So we are starting basically from scratch." More here.

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Blogger Mac said...

I' ve always had a M.O.P mixtape in my backpack, I never understood why they signed with fiddy, made no sense, and look at Mobb Deep, fell off like a motherfucker.


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