Tuesday, February 05, 2008

NEWS: Island/Def Jam Trying Hard To Fail

Discussion time. "No, sorry. Island Def Jam has disabled embedding on all their videos." This was the comment I received from a third party publicist trying to do their job promoting a video for their client Island/Def Jam. My reply was:
"That means Island Def Jam has disabled all viral and/or blog promotion on all their videos. They understand this?".

I simply can't imagine what is going through these executives' heads? This also happened last week when Jay-Z's 'Pray' video was released, only from the Roc-A-Fella website with a puny banner ad to capitalize on the visitors? Eskay put his finger right on the sore spot and scolded the company with surgical precision for it's ignorant strategies (read here).

I feel bad for the publicists getting cuffed in their efforts to supply press outlets with content. And you know they know. They have to send emails knowing no one will write anything about the content as it cannot be integrated into any publication. Nice going Island/Def Jam. Why even make a video if you're going to fight a large section of your promotional machine and unable them to promote your content? Last time I checked the accounting methods applied music videos still were categorized as 'promotional expenses'.

Lets look at it in black and white. Do you want your artists/music promoted? Then make tools available for press to be able to promote your content. There is no possible good outcome in the scared tactic of keeping the content to yourself as a label. Because, 1. It will be ripped and uploaded to youtube/dailymotion. (See below for the video in question, where the rip already racked up 500k views.) 2. If it wouldn't be ripped, it means no one will find out about the artist. Neither seems like a good business strategy. It blows my mind that this common sense hasn't penetrated the Major Label world. It's not like I'm advocating free downloads or anything, just making promotional tools available to press and artists.

DJ Felli Fel - Get Buck In Here ft Akon, Ludacris, Diddy, & Lil Jon

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reason number 5,000 def jam sucks


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